Into the Woods Press

The vocal strength of this cast made me wish for a cast recording... they were that good!

Josh Stent - Broadway World

What these directors and their creative team have wrought in this cavernous Pavilion space is hugely impressive... a fully satisfying night at the live – very live - theatre.

Michael Brindley - Stage Whispers

This production is a love letter to Sondheim's legacy, told with heart and care by Watch This, reminding us of just how lucky we all have been to have lived at the same time as Stephen Sondheim.

Stephanie Chin - Lilithia Reviews

Walking in you were immersed in the simple yet gorgeous set, stage design

Steph - That Theatre Life

Splendid talent... immense respect... dazzled the audience non-stop

Jessica Taurins - Theatre People

Overflowing with wit, charm and poignancy... an illuminating theatrical work

Paul Selar - Australian Arts Review