Merrily We Roll Along Press

[T]oo many standout moments to recount here [...] the collection of strong performances and Sondheim's magnificent score make this new production of Merrily a worthwhile visit.

Bradley Storer - Theatre Press

Gardner as the thoroughly decent, quietly exasperated Charley [...] brings total authenticity and precision to the role, nailing the fiendish 'Franklin Shepard Inc.' and suggesting the declining years with subtly and nuance.

Tim Byrne - Australian Book Review

Sophie Weiss brings vocal warmth and control to the role of Beth, Frank's first wife, and her rendition of Not A Day Goes By is moving, while the number, Bobbie and Jackie and Jack, her trio with Gardner and Brooks, is a clownish highlight. The big pay-off is the final song, Our Time ...

Melloy's vocal skill does justice to Sondheim's music and she successfully expresses a range of emotion as the insecure and lovelorn Mary.

Kate Herbert - Herald Sun

The ensemble are consistently wonderful and all support the possibly perfect casting of the trio of friends. ☆☆☆☆

Anne-Marie Peard - The Music

Lyall Brooks imbues Frank with the confident swagger of a successful man who is accustomed to being at the centre of everyone's orbit...

Anyone who has ever lamented the frivolity of musical theatre should rush to experience the sophisticated wit and insightful intelligence of Merrily We Roll Along.

Simon Parris - Man In Chair