A Little Night Music Press

If you're looking for a Sondheim show with a more shallow learning curve, exceptional book and exciting music, paired with excellent performances and direction, this show is the one to beat.

Daniel Beratis - Farrago

Blink and you've already missed it- for a few fabulous shows only, Watch This lit up the National Theatre with Sondheim's A Little Night Music. It is a huge show to be put on by an independent company, but Watch This do an outstanding job on this show.

Ellen Burgin - Theatre People

It is difficult to single out any performance in this perfectly balanced cast...Rush out to see this rarely performed aristocratic epic.

Owen James - Theatre Press

Garner brings plenty of sarcastic wit to her performance. She also delivers a poignant rendition of the hit tune "Send in the Clowns", filled with pain and regret. O'May, who has played the role previously, brings gravitas to his performance as Frederick. Muliamaseal'i has an imposing presence as the heroic but hypocritical Count. His powerful baritone adds to the strength of his performance. Gardner brings some physical humour to his role as Henrik. Waye is delightful as the young and impressionable Anne, who finds her own strength and confidence during the weekend in the country. Jackie Rees brings a hint of condescension to her performance as Desiree's elderly mother.

Greg King - The Blurb

Nadine Garner's Send in the Clowns is a rapier to the heart. Sondheim's Liebeslieder singers are vividly drawn, full of personality and verve.

Chris Boyd - The Australian

A performance that will make flint-hearted critics weep in their seats...

Garner has the comedy sparkling with effortless precision, but she achieves a feat that can elude even great actors in the role: she moves you to tears. It's a performance that will make flint-hearted critics weep in their seats and put dollar signs in the eyes of commercial producers.

Cameron Woodhead - The Age